anu wedding

If you would like to enquire about getting married at  St Mary's, you can contact the Parish Office, who will tell you how to go about making the arrangements.

Simply put, if you live in St Mary's parish, if you are a regular worshipper with us  (or would be willing to), or if you or a close family member have a strong historic connection with the area or one of its churches, it is possible for you to get married here.

The clergy can also help you with further advice, including the remarriage of divorcees. Please feel free to get in touch directly if you would like to.

Getting married elsewhere?

If you live in St Mary's parish but are planning to get married in another Church of England church, you will probably need to have your Banns of Marriage called here. To do this please contact the Parish Office. Again, you will need to bring proof of address and payment of the legal fee for this service.

More Information

The booklet Getting married in the Parish of Sanderstead can be downloaded here.

You will find lots of helpful information about every aspect of a wedding on the Church of England’s website, Your Church Wedding