Our Choir

The church has a very able and enthusiastic robed SATB choir of around 20 singers who perform music covering a vast variety of musical styles from Renaissance Polyphony to the present day. The choir sing each week for the Sunday morning Choral Eucharist and on the last Sunday of every month for Choral Evensong. They also lead many of the significant services throughout the church year and the occasional weddings. The choir is affiliated with the Royal School of Church Music and members are encouraged to work through the RSCM ‘Voice for Life’ light blue, dark blue, red and yellow workbooks to achieve the relevant medallion and ribbon at the end.


A typical Choral Eucharist will contain five hymns, often with descants. The choir also sing an anthem and a mass setting, which is normally congregational. Once every month the choir lead Choral Evensong and this service includes an introit, canticles, psalm, responses and two hymns. The choir often sing at St. James, Riddlesdown, the other church in our parish, for larger services.


The church has a fine twenty-five stop Rushworth and Dreaper pipe organ that was installed in 1935. Positioned in the South chancel with the console opposite, the organ is used for the majority of services and has around 750 pipes. There is also a grand piano and a large library of choral music. 


Choir Weekly Timetable:


19:10-19:30 - Voice for Life
19:30-20:00 - Younger-member Choir Practice
20:00-21:00 - Choir Practice - full practiceSunday:09:15-09:30 - Choir Rehearsal followed by 09:45-11:00 Choral EucharistLast Sunday of each month (except July, August and December): 17:15-18:15 - Choir Rehearsal followed by 18:30-19:15 Choral Evensong
St. Mary’s Organ:


St. Mary’s has a fine twenty-five stop Rushworth and Dreaper pipe organ. Installed in 1935 and positioned in the south chancel with the console opposite, the organ is used for the majority of services. The instrument has around 750 pipes with much of the pipe-work being of a very high quality. The specification is below.




1. Sub Bass 32

2. Open Wood 16

3. Bourdon 16

4. Octave 8

5. Flute Bass 8

6. Bassoon 16




7. Double Diapason 16

8. Open Diapason I 8

9. Open Diapason II 8

10. Hohl Flöte 8

11. Lieblich Gedeckt 8 (from Swell)

12. Salicional 8 (from Swell)

13. Principal 4

14. Lieblich Flöte 4 (from Swell)

15. Fifteenth 2




16. Geigen Diapason 8

17. Lieblich Gedeckt 8

18. Salicional 8

19. Voix Célestes 8

20. Octave Geigen 4

21. Lieblich Flöte 4

22. Mixture III

23. Contra Oboe 16

24. Oboe 8

25. Trumpet 8

26. Tremulant




Swell to Pedal

Swell to Great

Swell octave to Great

Swell suboctave to Great

Swell octave

Swell suboctave

Great to Pedal




Four double touch pistons to each manual

Thumb pistons for Great to Pedal and Swell to Great

Great to Pedal toe pistons

Canceller tabs

Enclosed Swell